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From planning and concept development through creative and program management, our team is prepared to take on your assignment.

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We tailor our work to your needs. And so, we are not known for one particular style or feel. We know your business goals are unique and our solutions are geared simply for you.

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More than
5 decades in the making!

We began in 1962 in downtown LA as The Art Group providing design services from corporate identity to packaging and collateral materials. As the millennium changed, so too did our direction. We sought to increase our marketing capabilities as a complement to the strong pillar of design and promotion.

Today, H.Q. is a full-service agency known for excellence in strategic thinking, creative development and execution of a broad range of out-of-home, mobile and shopper experiences.


Hello! Wondering whom H.Q. (Huerta Quorum) is? Well, on the straightforward practical level, we are a full-service, integrated marketing agency. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that for us it means we build on opportunities and solve problems for our clients through solid and strategic thinking, strong creative development and flawless execution.

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making our clients’ lives easier through work that is on brand, on strategy and on budget.


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Dave Spare

“The team at H.Q. is our strongest partner. Starting with our strategy and objectives, they recommend, plan and execute events and promotions for our branded businesses.

Their attention to detail is second to none and they consistently go the extra mile for us. The team is extremely hard working, smart, engaging and professional.

They continually use past learning to improve effectiveness and efficiency, using our marketing dollars wisely. I cannot recommend a promotional or events partner more than H.Q.!”

Dave Spare

Vice President of Marketing, Dole Packaged Foods

Sean Ryan

“H.Q. has helped me to launch and successfully market a variety of new products over the past eight years.

From branding, packaging and point of purchase to trade focused initiatives, they have consistently provided the expertise, strategic thinking and resources I need.

They are smart, on time and on budget.”

Sean Ryan

President, Zhenas Tea

David Collins

“Thank you! for all your hard work and dedication throughout the process leading up to and including the day of the Rose Parade. Your guidance, insights, and sheer grunt work was invaluable.

We do appreciate everything you did for us and each member of the H.Q. team individually — please be assured that if the opportunity rises again, we’ll be reaching out to H.Q. as our partner.”

David Collins

Director of Marketing, Public Storage

Santa Monica Place Management Team

"H.Q.’s dynamic team offers an impressive combination of creativity, innovation, and attention to detail – ensuring unique, memorable customer experiences. We have especially enjoyed working with HQ and their client, Dole Packaged Foods, to create an exciting consumer engagement opportunity in our luxury retail environment."

Santa Monica Place Management Team

/ / the story of

We know the only way to stay in business for more than 50 years is to keep our craft new. Our team continually adds to its experience by being enthusiastic in learning and discovering new ways and new twists to connect with consumers. Of course, we know quite a bit about what’s gone before, too.

/ / how We Work


We ask questions and we listen to your answers. And we keep asking and listening. We stay curious.


We do our homework, we cook, we shop, we observe, we try out every product we can.

Analysis and Insight

We read and analyze research. We search for the deeper meaning, the untold experience.

Strategy and Vision

We aren’t afraid to set our sights high as we marry your goals with the consumers’ needs.


We focus on every detail. We plan every step. Our goal: flawless.

Refine and Repeat

The power of an idea only works if it delivers results.

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Your identity should not be taken lightly, even if your strongest trait is whimsy. We create logos that set the stage for long-term success.
  • branding-logo-001
    Arroyo Foods
  • branding-logo-002
    Wilshire Fireplace
  • branding-logo-003
    Wetzel's Pretzels
  • branding-logo-004
    International Cycle House
  • branding-logo-005
    Watson Industrial Center
  • branding-logo-006
    Tiger's Milk
  • branding-logo-007
    Pioneer Bakery
  • branding-logo-008
    Knott's Berry Farm

Event Activations

From concept through event execution, H.Q. is known for flawless work that captivates the audience and builds the consumer experience.


We understand the importance of gaining and increasing awareness for your brand(s). Whether in-store, in print or out-of-home, we make sure it stands out with your audience.

  • World Food Championship LV airport video
    World Food Championship LV airport video
  • 002-DOLEBlueDiamondCoconut_2-full
    Blue Diamond & Dole Partnered FSI
  • 003-Dole&DaisyFSI-full
    Daisy & Dole Partnered FSI
  • 004-MariesFSI_DIPS-full
    Marie's Dips Holiday FSI
  • 005-13-0121_LKK_SaucePackets_FSI-full
    Lee Kum Kee Multi-Product FSI
  • 006-FJ Bacon FSI-full
    Farmer John FSI
  • 007-Dole Juice Summer Shelf Talk
    Dole Pineapple Juice Summer Shelf Talk
  • 008-DoleGeliciousShelftalk-full
    Dole Real GELicious! Summer Shelf Talk
  • 009-MariesProgram_300dpi-full
    Marie's Salad Dressing In-Store Produce Promotion
  • 010-Dole TOR Pins-full
    Dole Rose Parade Commemorative Pins
  • 011-13-0050_Dole_2014 TOR mug rendering-full
    Dole Rose Parade Family Day Event Mugs
  • 012-2014_TOR_T-Shirt_Layout-full
    Dole Rose Parade Event T-Shirts
  • 013-Nescafe Frothe Sales Kit-full
    Nestle Nescafe Introductory Sales Kit
  • 014-DoleFrozen_Outdoor-GASLAMP-full
    NFRA Event BacKlit Program
  • 015-DoleFrozen_Outdoor-GasLampDepot1-full
    NFRA Event BacKlit Program
  • 016-FarmerJohnLunchBox2-full
    Custom Dodgers Lunch Box for Farmer John Promotion
  • Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Video Spots - Cupcakes
    Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Video Spots - Cupcakes
  • Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Video Spots - Cake
    Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Video Spots - Cake
  • Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Video Spots - Ice Cream
    Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Video Spots - Ice Cream
  • Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Video Spots - Making Ice Cream
    Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Video Spots - Making Ice Cream

Brand Ambassadors

Connecting happens in a variety of ways, and having a brand ambassador (or two) touches consumers in an emotional and unforgettable way.

  • IMG_5689
    DOLE Fruit Bowl walkabout character "FB" sketches
  • FB_5
    "FB" color rendering
  • IMG_5692
    "FB" takes shape
  • IMG_6012
    "FB" coming together
  • DCC_0239
    "FB" makes his debut!
  • Version A Strawberry
    DOLE Fruit Squish'ems! "Suzie Strawberry" sketches
  • Version Strawberry
    "Suzie Strawberry" color renderings
  • SuzzieCropped_DCC_0512-thumb
    "Suzie Strawberry" center stage
  • PicantePete
    Farmer John's "Picante Pete" sizzles


There is still a power in the printed image and word. We create campaigns and literature that deliver the message by connecting to the audience.

  • BN_AllStar_ad
    Burchell Nursery Heritage Ad Campaign
  • BN_BusCard_Ads
    Burchell Nursery Heritage Ad Campaign
  • BN_FineArt_Ad
    Burchell Nursery Heritage Ad Campaign
  • ExotoChaparral
    Exoto Car Enthusiast Magazine Campaign
  • ExotoCobra
    Exoto Car Enthusiast Magazine Campaign
  • ExotoGT40
    Exoto Car Enthusiast Magazine Campaign
  • Dole Disney Food&Wine
    Dole Event Brochure for Disney's California Food & Wine Festival
  • Playmates Annual Report
    Playmates Annual Report
  • DoleCoconutMilkRecipes
    Blue Diamond Almond Coconut Milk Recipe Booklet
  • EL CAMINOAnuualReport
    El Camino Annual Reports


Evolutionary or revolutionary, H.Q. has extensive packaging experience. We know how critical it is to get noticed in the competitive landscape while expressing your brand’s qualities and gaining preference.

  • 001-ZhenasTCups
    Zhenas T-Cups Packaging
  • 002-AveryPens-thumb
    Avery Dennison E-Grip & E-Glide Blister Carded Packaging
  • 003-Dominex-thumb
    Dominex Italian Style Poly Bag Packaging
  • 004-Chai Concentrate Collection-thumb
    Zhenas Chai Concentrates Tetra Paks
  • 005-AveryPersnlCreatns-thumb
    Avery Dennison Personal Creations Packaging
  • 006-BN_OliveOil
    Tomorrow's Harvest Olive Oil Packaging

Sweepstakes & Contests

Attention to detail. From Instant WIN to multi-tiered Recipe Contests we understand every aspect from concept to announcement to fulfillment.

  • Dole Fruit Crisp Warm Up & WIN Sweepstakes
    Dole Fruit Crisp Warm Up & WIN Sweepstakes
  • Dole Gels Refresh & WIN Sweepstakes
    Dole Gels Refresh & WIN Sweepstakes
  • Dole Fruit Bowls Back to School Bucks Sweepstakes
    Dole Fruit Bowls Back to School Bucks Sweepstakes

Cause Related

Our community is filled with organizations doing good works, and we believe in pitching in where we can.

  • Angels for Sight
  • LBA
  • PasadenaHumaneSociety
  • PasadenaLibrary
  • WalkAmerica

/ / the heart of

Amongst us you will find…Creative Directors, Strategists, Marketers, Copywriters, Art Directors, Designers, Pre-Press Specialists, Illustrators, Photographers, Digital Strategists, Activation Managers, Client Services Representatives, Proofreaders, Account Managers, Resource Managers, Accounting Professionals and more.



"The best is yet to come."
- Shakespeare



"Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes."
- Unknown



"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."
- C.G. Jung



"Don't carry a grudge; while you're carrying a grudge, the other guy's out dancing."
- Buddy Hackett



"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right."
- Henry Ford



"Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or doing it better."
- John Updike



"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."
- Zen Shin Talks



"Whatever you do, there's someone better than you. No one can be better than your you."

Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen

"Good design is good business."



"Net 10."

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